A Spreading Shrub for Urban Landscapes

Rhus trilobata Autumn Amber_Ross Shrigley

A low maintenance, ground cover shrub, Autumn Amber sumac is an able living mulch and will add intrigue to your garden with attractive foliage. This low maintenance shrub is an ideal choice for large landscapes.

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UNDAUNTED® Ruby Muhlenbergia

Muhlenbergia_reverchoniii_Hillside_spruce_LSO COLOR CORRECTED

This low maintenance, clumping grass is a beautiful native with red clouds of flowers. A long-lived plant, this gorgeous grass will remain attractive throughout the winter months.

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‘Gold on Blue’ – Not Your Typical Zinnia

Zinnia grand Gold on Blue_David Salman SMALL

This native prairie Zinnia will keep your garden beautiful with golden-yellow blooms in late summer! As a resilient, virtually maintenance free plant, it will keep your garden lively for years to come!

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